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 How Create the mods ??

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PostSubject: How Create the mods ??   Mon Feb 21, 2011 9:43 am

how create the mods whats programs name please help me!
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Maffia good
Maffia good

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PostSubject: Re: How Create the mods ??   Mon Feb 21, 2011 10:13 am

hello Predy!
mods create hard!
but you download jk2 editing tools! (google: jk2 editing tools)
u download and you go : the maps and go the code/game
file: you open to g_local.h you rename Basejk!
you got g_local.h left and you type:
extern vmcvar_t ds_lvl1pass;
extern vmcvar_t ds_lvl2pass;
extern vmcvar_t ds_lvl3pass;
you add to funkcios!
u save and go to g_cmds.c file:
you add to funkcios and save andd go Game.bat file run!
and you hgo back 1x map!
go base map vm and jk2mpgame.qvm file copy and you create the new map (Youmap) you create map and go the map and you create the vm maps you pasted the jk2mp.qvm file the vm maps!
you create the cfg and you backs Gamedata!
go to dedicted programs and fiinished and you testing!
Sorry but i dont add your funkcio hard!

Hey there!

By Crash
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How Create the mods ??
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